Thursday, 20 February 2014


      Pull&Bear t-shirt,Takko cardigan,Pull&Bear jeans old,BB-Up mocasins,vintage bag,Moa necklace,H&M scarf

I've took these pics in a hurry,I don't know why,maybe because  I haven't planned any posts for today.
Though it was a little windy I've took the chance to show you my camel outfit and my new moccasins.
Unfortunatelly,they are not very noticeable in these pictures.
I've always liked them because they are so comfy and lasting.
I remember of an old pair of moccasins,in fact my favourite shoes, which I've worn for such a long time so,you can imagine when I've seen this one I couldn't resist not to order immediately ,also they are on sales right now.
If you like them as much as I do,find them here .

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