Friday, 16 May 2014


These days I've been pretty busy,that's why I didn't post on blog but I promise to update it over the week-end.This aspect only depends on the weather which seems to be more and more whimsical.
Now I'll show you some quick pictures,a short preview of my necklaces collection that i'll soon launch on my blog in a lot of fruity colours,a nice gift from Ivatherm,the new Foot Care Cream that I already use for two days and I really like it,it's so soft,beautifully scented and moisturizing.
It was a product which was missing from my care kit and I'm glad I can test it.Soon,I'll have a review of my favourite beauty cosmetics from Ivatherm and I'll tell you why do I recommend this brand.
The necklace I wear in the third picture is made by me,maybe you remember it, but what I find really funny is that every time I buy a new chain,I add it so that my work on this necklace it looks will not end anytime soon.
I wish you all a great week-end!

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