Saturday, 5 April 2014


Such a cold and windy weather, just today when I decided to come up with a new outfit post!
Until the next warm day, I'll tell you a few things happened lately.
Last week,I've placed my first order on Ivatherm ,here I have one of my favourite deramto-cosmetics.You can always find great deals on their site and also you can receive some free samples if you are interested in testing a new product.
They were so kind and gave me as a gift the thermal water.I so appreciate that,given that this product is mandatory in my bag during the summer.
In my next post on blog you'll see me wearing a great floral jumper that I really like and I consider very suitable for spring.So stay close,I'm shure you're going to like it,too!
And,of course,it couldn't miss one of the Mickey Mouse t-shirts for a cozy and casual Saturday.
Enjoy the week-end!

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