Saturday, 17 August 2013


       Skirt-Vintage,Sneakers-no name,T-shirt-Topshop,Necklace-Moa,Bag-H&M

This necklace and those earrings are the only items I've bought on sales this summer because I've planned not to spend so much money on buying accessories.I have never enough of them ,but at least,I want to achieve great pieces,maybe more  hand-made ones created by talented and special people.
You might think this necklace is more elegant than casual and you might want to wear it only in special occasions maybe because its precious and shiny look.
 But when I've seen it in the store my mind flew immediately to a casual outfit like this one I've tried out today.I'm more attracted by this kind of unconventional mixes instead of classical and minimalistic ones.They represent me better.